Here are House of Decker's tips to maximize and ease your Belly Bandit experience.

1. Start using your Belly Bandit 24 – 48 hours after delivery for best results.

2. Wrap your belly bandit snuggly day and night (for at least 6 – 8 weeks and as long as needed) and only take it off to shower, then wrap yourself right back again.

3. Wear your Belly Bandit over a t-shirt or spaghetti top to reduce the number of times you have to wash it.

4. As soon as your doctor gives you the go-ahead to start an exercise programme, do sit-ups whenever you can to help firm your stomach muscles. Also, walk whenever you can.

If you are buying a Belly Bandit for a friend/sister/wife, we strongly recommend that you inform our sales representative so that they can guide you in finding the right type of belt according to delivery method. We strongly recommend the Bamboo Belly Bandit for a mother who has had a C-section because of its moisture wicking, antibacterial properties, and its comfort rating.

Most importantly ENJOY TIME WITH YOUR BABY!!!